1. All outstanding fees are payable before the unit is occupied. Only cash, EFT and bank deposits are acceptable.
  2. In the event of the key’s being collected after hours your account is to be settled by EFT or bank deposit beforehand and proof thereof to be sent to Van Heerden Letting during office hours.
  3. Breakage deposits will be refunded by EFT after departure and after inventory has been checked, within 10 days of receipt of your bank account details.
  4. Sub-letting is strictly prohibited unless arranged with Van Heerden Letting. Extra charge will be made for cleaning.
  5. Houses/Flats are let strictly on the number of beds available. The number of people in the unit (including children) at any time of day may not exceed the number booked for.
  6. Premises must be vacated not later than 09h00 on the day of departure and can only be occupied by 14h00 on the day of arrival except by special arrangement with agent. On public holidays and Sundays early arrival and late departure are permitted provided that special arrangement has been made with the agent.
  7. Caravans and tents are prohibited.
  8. NB: Please note – no pets allowed.
  9. Inventories must be checked and any discrepancies reported without delay. If no shortages are reported the contents of the house will be regarded as correct and the tenants will be held responsible for any shortages or breakages on vacating the premises.
  10. Tenants when vacating houses/flats are requested to leave the house/flat clean. Please note that daily cleaning services are optional for an extra fee and are not available on Sundays and public Holidays. Should you require clean linen or services please advise our office.
  11. Keys must be returned to the office. All windows closed and outside doors to be locked. An after-hours key deposit box is available at the office. All alarm systems must be activated.
  12. Advanced bookings made more than three months ahead are only accepted on the understanding that the house/flat be available for leasing for the said period. If not available a reasonable effort will be made to transfer the reservation to other accommodation, or the deposit will be refunded without prejudice. Tariffs are subjected to those in force at the time of taking occupation or a 20% increase, whichever is the smaller amount.
  13. Failure to cancel this reservation 30 days before due date will be deemed as acceptance and tenant will be liable for the full rental, unless an alternate tenant is obtained for the full period.
  14. The Administration fee is not refundable.
  15. Deposits are only refundable on cancellations where alternative tenants are found to fill the full period vacated.
  16. We cannot be held liable for any losses or inconvenience to the tenant caused by an act or situation beyond our control.
  17. Under no circumstances may furniture be moved around.
  18. No loud music or noise is allowed at any time of day. No music at all from 22H00 to 09H00 every day.
  19. Smoking inside the house/flat is not permitted.
  20. The tenant accepts responsibility for all actions by persons within his party who all agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of Van Heerden Letting, the managing agent and the property owner.
  21. The tenant or his guests will have no claim whatsoever against Van Heerden Letting, their employees, the managing agent or the owners of the property for any loss, damage, injury or death which they may suffer in relation to their visit to the property or in the course of making use of any of its facilities.
  22. The lodgement of your deposit is required to confirm your booking. Lodgement of the deposit and/or taking up of the reserved accommodation is construed as acceptance of these conditions of lease and is binding upon all tenants.

Right of admission is reserved.