St Michaels On Sea

St Michaels On Sea

St Michaels on Sea is a small seaside town on the south coast and lies between Margate and Port Shepstone in the Hibiscus Coast of KwaZulu Natal.

St Michaels is a tranquil and idyllic little town boasting picturesque scenery and pristine beaches. In fact, these superb characteristics attract so many to St Michael on Sea. The main swimming beach at the mouth of the Umhlangeni River is popular with both swimmers and surfers alike.

St Michaels on Sea is a surfer’s paradise that attracts local and tourist surfers to their memorable surf locations. The combination of warm waters with fantastic swells and large waves are perfect for surfing. These waters are also ideal for all other watersports including windsurfing, jetskiing and boating. There are also a few popular fishing spots and superb tidal pools.

The warm Indian Ocean flows across this beautiful shoreline and contains a world of wonders! Go scuba diving or snorkelling and discover the diverse species of exquisite tropical fish and coral reefs. An underwater camera is essential in these clear waters as you’re bound to come across wide varieties of sharks, sting rays, jelly fish and game fish.

If this is too much activity for you, take a leisurely stroll or just generally relax and soak up some sun on the warm sands of St Michaels. Your overnight stay in St Michaels will not disappoint. The accommodation in St Michaels is as luxurious as it is cozy. Enjoy refreshing sundowners from your room as you admire the radiant sky and feast on sumptuous meals.

The marvellous 9 hole golf course in St Michaels offers a challenging course with a number of water features. This short course is perfect for a quick morning round, before exploring the rest of the wonders of St Michaels. St Michaels on Sea may be small, but certainly an ideal holiday destination. It is a tranquil place where city dwellers can relax and unwind.